Semi-Truck Speed Governors

Don’t you hate it when you get into a truck for the first time, ready to hit the road, only to find out it won’t go any faster than 60 or 62 miles per hour? While manufacturers normally install the governors on big rigs for safety purposes, they often lead to more problems than they tend to solve. It causes drivers to lose money by not getting as many miles during their 12-hour road day, and coupled with occasional traffic jams, it can lead to deliveries being late! When most interstates limit their speeds to 70 miles per hour, and some even higher, there is no benefit from having your truck not even be able to drive at the limit.

At J&M Truck and Trailer Repair, you can get that governor taken off, allowing you to get the addition speed for your truck. Regardless of what type of truck you have, be it a Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, or anything else, J&M has the factory-approved software that can remove the speed limit from your semi, and for a fraction of the cost that you would pay directly at a dealer or another shop.

Safety is the single most important quality for truck drivers, and it should never be taken for granted. While going faster might save you some time and money, it is also more dangerous for the road if you’re going over 75 miles per hour, which is why, if possible, it is recommended that you get your limit set to 75 (some truck brands don’t allow you to set a speed, either it’s on at the default or it’s off). Even if your truck doesn’t have one, please be safe and stay within that speed range! Bring it by to the shop for any truck repairs or trailer repairs that your truck may need, now or in the future!

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