Warning Signs That You Might Have a Brake Problem on Your Big Rig

A semi truck is a major investment for any business or driver. These trucks are powerful and intricate pieces of machinery, and they power the modern American economy to an extent that might surprise many people who don’t know too much about them.

Beyond that, however, these vehicles mean a lot more to their drivers than just getting from point A to point B. They’re rolling offices and living quarters as well, and drivers spend far more time in them than just when they’re driving down the highway. For that reason, safety should take priority over everything else when it comes to maintaining a semi. Brakes are a common issue we see truck drivers dealing with, so it’s helpful to know the warning signs so you can avoid the need for reliable semi truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL.

The balance seems “off”

If you’ve been behind the wheel of your truck for a while, you’ve certainly started to get a feel for it. You can tell what gears need a little extra pressure to shift into, and you know how it should feel when you apply the brakes at different speeds and in varying conditions. For that reason, feeling a different balance in the brakes should be taken a warning sign that you could require service, or possibly even reliable semi truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL.

When we say “balance,” we mean that it feels like one side is braking more effectively than the other side. Your brakes should be exerting equal force, and if the right side is applying more than the left, for example, it can cause your truck to pull to one side. This is a very dangerous situation that should be checked out immediately. This can be due to glazed brakes, or possibly your hoses and fittings, but no matter the cause, it’s time to see a mechanic.

The timing feels wrong

As most drivers already know, the brakes on a semi truck need to be activated in a particular order. When you press down on the brake pedal, the brakes on the tractor apply just after those on the trailer, which makes for a system that prevents the tractor from colliding with the trailer, which could cause tremendous problems.

If your truck is having malfunctions with this system, chances are, you’re feeling what can be described as a “pushing” when you brake, which is the trailer starting to nudge up against your truck’s tractor. This is a sign that your truck is in need of immediate repairs, so don’t delay in contacting the qualified mechanics at J & M Trailer Repair.

Our business has been serving truck drivers for almost 20 years, offering everything from parts to repairs to reliable semi truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL. If you believe your truck is not braking properly, or you just have a feeling based on your experience on the road that something isn’t right, give us a call or stop by anytime and we’d be glad to check it out for you.