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What Impact Does Weather Have on Batteries?

From hail damage and fading the paint to screwing up the tire pressure, Mother Nature negatively impacts our cars and trucks on a daily basis. The battery is one of the components affected the most by the weather. Harsh temperatures may even necessitate commercial truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL due to battery failure. This […]

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Helpful Tips to Avoid a Semi Truck Breakdown

Owning any kind of vehicle requires an investment of time and money into regular care and maintenance needs. The better you care for your vehicle, the longer it will last and the safer it will be for you and other motorists around you. Although every vehicle owner should take measures to ensure proper auto maintenance, […]

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How Cold Weather Can Affect Your Battery

If you live in an area that sees some very cold temperatures during the winter, or if you find yourself vacationing or working in such an area, it is important to understand the kinds of effects those temperatures could have on your vehicle. Most vehicle batteries are designed to operate most efficiently between 30 and […]

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