What Impact Does Weather Have on Batteries?

From hail damage and fading the paint to screwing up the tire pressure, Mother Nature negatively impacts our cars and trucks on a daily basis. The battery is one of the components affected the most by the weather. Harsh temperatures may even necessitate commercial truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL due to battery failure. This post will cover how weather impacts the battery and what you can do to prevent issues under the hood.

Hot weather

Though many drivers believe it’s cold temperatures that hurt their vehicle batteries the most, it’s actually those scorching hot summer days. High temperatures under the hood accelerate corrosion inside the battery cell, drastically shortening its lifespan. The water inside the battery itself can also evaporate in the middle of the summer, decreasing its capacity and weakening its ability to start the engine.

To ensure your battery is ready to combat soaring summer temperatures, we recommend getting a battery test each spring. A battery test will tell you whether it has the capacity to last through the summer, or if it needs to be replaced now. You should also make a habit of checking the battery connections and clearing away any exterior corrosion to ensure everything’s in working order.

Cold weather

We don’t have to worry too much about cold weather affecting our batteries here in Florida, but drivers in the northern states certainly do. Engines have a harder time starting when temperatures drop, and car batteries often have a more difficult time supplying the necessary power. If you plan on heading north during the winter months, be sure to get your battery checked or replaced beforehand. Otherwise, you could be the one stuck needing commercial truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL.

Signs that you need a new battery

The good news is that batteries don’t typically die without any warning. Here are a few of the signs that you might need a new battery soon:

  • Dashboard light: Most dashboards have a battery icon that alerts the driver that the battery is on its last leg. If you see the battery symbol illuminate on your dash, bring your truck to a service station for battery inspection and replacement.
  • Slow engine crank: There are a few causes behind an engine that won’t turn over quickly. However, one of the most common reasons is a failing battery. If all of the cables are secure under the hood, you may need to replace the battery.
  • Leaking: Corrosion near the terminals is a sign that the battery is leaking. If you notice a ton of corrosion or if you’re constantly cleaning it off, we recommend investing in a new battery.
  • Old age: Batteries can last up to five years without going kaput. If your battery is getting up there in years, you may want to consider replacing it the next time your truck is being serviced.

Avoid the need for commercial truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL by getting your battery tested and possibly replaced at J & M Trailer Repair today. A battery test only takes a few minutes and can save you the hassle of waiting for emergency battery replacement.

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