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Signs That Your AC Needs to Be Serviced

The one place you don’t want to be stuck on a hot summer day is in your truck with no air conditioning! Rolling the windows down gives some relief from the heat, but it’s often not enough. This post will cover a few of the signs that it’s time to get your AC serviced and […]

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Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Semi’s AC System

When you’re engaging in a long-haul drive, it’s extremely important that you stay comfortable and cool while you’re out on the road. If you’re too hot while operating your vehicle, there’s a chance that you could become distracted while driving. This could create dangerous conditions for you and everyone else sharing the road. Modern semi […]

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Signs That You Need Semi Truck Air Conditioner Repair in Ocala, FL

With summer right around the corner, temperatures outside are getting hotter and hotter. If you are spending a lot of time on the road, you need to be able to depend on your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it gets outside. Before summer is in full swing, it’s […]

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