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A Summary of Hours-of-Service Regulations

To protect commercial drivers, their products or passengers and other motorists on the road, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates how many hours a driver can drive and work per day and week. These rules are known as Hours-of-Service Regulations. Continue reading to learn a bit more about these regulations and how our […]

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Five Reasons Why Semi Truck Tires in Ocala, FL Experience Blowouts

Even if you’ve never experienced a tire blowout first hand, you’ve undoubtedly seen the evidence of blowouts scattered along the side of the road. Massive chunks of old tires curled up on the highway’s shoulder are sure signs that some poor truck driver had a bad day. Blowouts are no fun. Fortunately, there are several […]

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Safely Wait for Semi Truck Roadside Assistance in Ocala, FL

J & M Trailer Repair offers semi truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL. No one wants to need this service, but we are there for you when you are broken down on the side of the road. When that occurs, you need to keep yourself safe while taking precautions to make your truck safe to […]

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