Helpful Tips to Avoid a Semi Truck Breakdown

Owning any kind of vehicle requires an investment of time and money into regular care and maintenance needs. The better you care for your vehicle, the longer it will last and the safer it will be for you and other motorists around you. Although every vehicle owner should take measures to ensure proper auto maintenance, drivers of big rigs need to be extra mindful. They are, after all, navigating gigantic trucks down the road, often at high speeds. Luckily, most truck drivers know what to do to keep their rig from becoming a hazard on the road and breaking down.

Here’s a rundown of the most common causes of semi truck breakdown that tend to require heavy duty roadside assistance in Ocala, FL, and tips to avoid them.

Tire woes

Nearly everyone has seen large pieces of shredded tire lying scattered in a lane or along the shoulder of the highway. These scraps of tire shreds are dangerous for motorists to hit, run into or try to avoid, but even more dangerous is being near a big rig when a tire shred comes flying off.

As a truck driver, you can lessen the chances of tire shred when you frequently check every tire’s air pressure, rotate the tires and inspect for low or missing tread. Another good practice in the effort to avoid driving on dangerous tires is to perform a thorough pre-trip inspection. Also, be sure you are using proper commercial tires with axles that are aligned so you avoid irregular wear.

Brake problems

There’s no doubt that your truck needs good brakes. A braking system that’s in good condition will get you where your cargo needs to go, as well as hold up through regular corrosion and wear and tear long enough to signal the presence of an issue.

The main cause of normal brake wear stems from the heat, friction and pressure created during long trips, which can lead to other types of brake issues that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. To avoid serious brake problems like air leaks and frozen air lines associated with internal water contamination, make sure your brakes are properly maintained and serviced by a professional.

Electrical issues

The battery, alternator and starter motor are all responsible for your semi truck’s electrical systems—including the radio, air conditioner, thermostat, ignition, starter and any on-board computer equipment. However, using your truck’s electrical system for unnecessary things or powering too many electrical components at the same time can be a strain on the system. It’s best to use it only when you need to, or you can make changes like switching to LED lighting. LED consumes less power and can prevent the need for premature electrical repairs.

If you have a flat tire, run out of fuel or need a jump start, don’t hesitate to call J & M Trailer Repair for prompt heavy duty roadside assistance in Ocala, FL. Contact us any time for emergency services or to set up a fleet maintenance schedule!

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