A Basic Semi Truck Trailer Maintenance Guide

Behind every hard-working big rig is a heavy-duty tractor trailer. The trailer is the unit that holds the cargo securely in place and helps the truck transport it all to its destination. Whether your trailer only has insulated walls or comes with an internal temperature control system, has many miles under its belt or is brand new, regular maintenance is the key to ensuring it is always in good working order.

You may know that today’s tractor trailers are designed to last longer than earlier models, but they still need frequent care and maintenance—probably more often than you think. The best semi truck trailer repair shop in Ocala, FL will follow a big rig maintenance guide similar to the one below:

  • Check tire air pressure: Long-lasting, superior-quality car tires are pricy. Now, consider the size of semi truck tires and how much one or a complete set will cost you. There are many things you can do to help your tires’ longevity, such as checking that tire pressure is maintained at the proper level. If you’re too busy to remember to check the pressure often, consider installing a tire pressure monitoring or inflation system. In addition to maintaining proper tire pressure, also be on the lookout for tire wear.
  • Check the brakes: Experts recommend the following steps when checking your brakes. Get the truck on its wheel ends with the spring brakes applied, then look at the angle of the air chamber push rod and slack adjuster. The angle should be 90 degrees. Any other reading means the brake is out of adjustment. If the drums don’t have enough material for safe braking, replace them.
  • Inspect the suspension: The suspension system can be visually inspected. Look for signs of irregular wear and tear or heat cracks on the air springs. Make sure nothing is touching the suspension system or impeding its movement, and that the air springs have sufficient and equal pressure.
  • Let there be light: All the lights on your trailer must be operable. If lights aren’t working properly, you can be pulled over for a roadside inspection. The main enemies of truck trailer electrical systems and their connections are corrosion and exposure to deicing products.
  • Keep it lubed: Tractor trailers need the correct lube, as well as the right amount, to ensure proper trailer operation. It’s important that you know the three characteristics of lubricant—the thickening system, the grade and the performance rating—all of which play a crucial role in selecting the right grease.
  • Inspect the inside: Don’t forget to look inside the trailer. You need to check for things like holes and other damage in the roof and broken aluminum cross members. Holes can let water or moisture inside, which can ruin cargo and even damage the trailer.

The best semi truck trailer repair shop in Ocala, FL will offer important truck maintenance services and provide tips to help your rig last a long time. When you need trailer maintenance, reach out to J & M Trailer Repair. We are an authorized Waltco liftgate warranty repair center—call us today to book an appointment!

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