Top Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Tire Shop

The tires on your commercial truck need routine inspections, rotations and, when the time comes, replacement. Whether you own your own rig or an entire fleet of semi trucks, it’s imperative that your vehicles are fitted with good tires for years of optimum performance. Here’s what you need to consider when selecting new commercial tires and choosing a semi tire shop in Ocala, FL to do business with.

In-stock selection

One of the first things to look for in a tire shop is its tire selection. Unless you ride on a certain type and brand of semi truck tire only, it makes sense to want to visit a commercial tire shop that offers a number of tire choices and brands. Better yet, find one with a wide range of tires in stock and available for quick installation or hauling away. Having several brands sizes and types of truck tires to choose from means you are likely to find the right set of tires within your price range.

Used, retread or new

Much like when you’re shopping for new tires for your daily driver, some commercial truck tire shops offer new and used tires and retreading services. While purchasing new tires is the ideal move, there are situations in which riding on a set of used or retreaded tires is fine, but only for a limited time. Budget aside, tire shops won’t sell you unsafe used tires. Many tires still have a lot of life left in them—it’s just that the previous owner needed different tires before their time was up.

As for retreading, consult a retreading expert regarding your options. In many cases, retreaded tires offer a lower cost per mile than new tires, and are essentially just as reliable. This is a great money-saving option for trucking fleets.

Tire quality

The relative hardness of the tire surface is extremely important when selecting new commercial truck tires. Tires with softer rubber tend to grip the road so drivers have a smooth riding experience; however, they may be less fuel efficient and prone to faster wear through regular use. Tires with harder rubber, on the other hand, are more durable, yet limited in the traction department in adverse driving conditions.

Customer service

Another important factor to consider when choosing a commercial tire shop to buy new tires from is the shop’s customer service. How a shop treats their guests is a reflection of the quality of their products, so choose a place where employees put their customers first. If you don’t receive a warm greeting right when you walk in and aren’t offered assistance quickly, consider going elsewhere. Commercial truck tires are a big investment—spend your money at a tire shop that appreciates your business.

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