How to Know if Your Semi Truck Engine Is Dying

The commercial trucking business is hard on vehicles. When you’re logging hundreds of thousands of miles, there will be needed repairs and maintenance. Of course, the longer you can make a semi truck last, the less you’ll need to spend on replacing your fleet. Here are some things to consider about replacement vs. semi truck repairs in Ocala, FL.

Maintenance costs are increasing

At some point with a semi truck, your routine maintenance costs may increase to the point where buying a new truck seems like it will be worth it. If you’re spending more than 14 cents per mile, it’s time to consider whether it’s worth keeping that truck as part of your fleet. After all, if a truck continually needs service, that means it’s not getting on the road and earning your business money.

On the other hand, a new truck is a huge expenditure, and keeping your fleet in good shape for as long as possible is a good bet. That’s why it’s critical to have a trusted repair shop in your contacts list.

Engine problems

Strange sounds emanating from the engine, such as a knocking sound, are always a bad sign. This means it’s time to get the truck off the road and into a repair shop. The last thing you want to have happen is an accident, so when something is wrong with the engine, have it checked out by the pros.

Problems with inspections

Federal laws require all carriers to stick to a preventative maintenance schedule. All semi trucks are mandated to have roadside inspections due to safety reasons. If your fleet is struggling to pass inspections, it may be costly to get them into compliance. It’s better to have your trucks always prepared for inspections so they can stay on the road for years to come.

Reduced power

When drivers are reporting a loss of engine power, this is a red flag. Heavy-duty trucking requires heavy-duty power. If the truck is struggling to get the job done, bring it to the pros. It could be that there’s been a loss of compression in the cylinders. It’s also possible that the problem may lie in the valves, head gasket or piston rings.

Watch out for oil usage

Just like with older cars, having to frequently replace the oil on a semi truck isn’t a good sign. This could be the result of an oil leak, or it could be due to problems with the cylinder liner or piston rings. Bringing the truck to a licensed mechanic is a wise idea.

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