What Are the Best Semi-Truck Tires?

While selecting new tires for a standard car or truck isn’t usually a big deal, there’s a lot more thought that needs to go into choosing tires for a semi-truck. Semi-truck tires have many qualities that set them apart from standard tires, including longevity, durability, rolling resistance, grip and more. Here’s a basic guide to your best options as you’re searching for new semi-truck tires in Ocala, FL.


Michelin sets the standard when it comes to semi-truck tires. Michelin X Line Energy Z steer tires provide the best ride quality, offering excellent grip in corners—you’ll notice the difference in your overall quality of steering. You’ll need drive tires, too. Again, Michelin’s X Line offers superior performance over the competition. The Energy D drive tire gives you excellent grip on tarmac, whether it’s dry, wet with rain or covered with snow.

For trailer tires, Michelin X Line’s Energy T is your best bet, since they have great load capacity, long tread life and low rolling resistance that can actually decrease your fuel consumption by 1 to 2 percent. Even this small percentage can have a great impact on your overall profits. It’s safe to say that if you choose Michelin for your semi-truck tires in Ocala, FL, you’re making a smart investment that will pay off in the long run.


Bridgestone is a close match to Michelin, but Michelin beats them out in terms of endurance on a variety of rough terrain. One of the positives to choosing Bridgestone is that you’ll experience greater fuel efficiency. It all depends on what your primary needs are. If you choose Bridgestone, try the R284 Ecopia for your steer tires. They have the best low rolling resistance technology that can help you achieve optimum mileage for your rig. Bridgestone makes great drive tires, too, with the M726 ELA providing great durability—in some cases, these tires can last as long as 400,000 miles. Finally, you’ll need trailer tires. The R197 is the best option, providing excellent overall performance and great tread life.


While Pirelli is well known for high-performance tires for supercars and the like, they also make excellent tires for semi-trucks. The H89 Plus is a long-haul steer tire that lasts up to 150,000 miles due to its well-designed tread pattern with anti-stone retention. They also make quality drive tires. Choose the H89 Drive Plus, which works great in even the most slippery road conditions. You’ll immediately notice a smoother ride when you select these tires. Finally, outfit your trailer with the H89 Trailer tires. They have excellent sidewall toughness and great tread life. Combined, they increase the overall lifespan of these tires and keep your trailer rolling for longer.

Tires are one of the most important components of your truck, and it’s important to invest in quality semi-truck tires in Ocala, FL so you can operate your rig safely and efficiently. Contact J & M Trailer Repair today to learn more about choosing the right tires and other components for your rig.