Truck Maintenance and Fuel Tips for Winter

Winter is just around the corner. Do you need to take care of any semi-truck repair or maintenance tasks before the cold weather hits? The season brings with it many challenges for truck owners. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to conserve fuel and keep trucks running smoothly through the winter. Try these proven tips:

  • Maintain speed: In extreme temperatures, it might be tempting to idle vehicles more or use them at slower speeds. However, it’s best to keep them running at highway speeds so they can reach the temperature required for diesel engine fluid cycling.
  • Plug them in: Each night, plug in engine block heaters on every diesel truck. Even if the temperatures aren’t too frigid, it is best to maintain normal temperatures. If any vehicle will be sitting unused for a while, it is especially important to plug it in.
  • Avoid cold soaks: A cold soak occurs when the fluids drop to low temperatures. If the vehicle sits for more than a day, this is a likely result. Run vehicles regularly to prevent this issue and avoid the semi-truck repair that will be necessary to correct any resulting problems.
  • Use fuel additives: If the temperatures drop below 20°F, use additives in the fuel tank. This can make a significant difference in engine performance. Add a diesel fuel anti-gel that will prevent problems caused by freezing temperatures.
  • Use a winter blend: Not all fuel is the same. To avoid semi-truck repair and enjoy the best fuel efficiency during the winter, use a winter blend fuel for your vehicles.
  • Keep it half full: Think of this as the “optimist tip.” Never let your fuel tank get too low in the winter. If tanks approach empty during cold temperatures, condensation can build inside the tank. This can cause the line to freeze and the vehicle may fail to start.
  • Keep destination in mind: Just because your vehicle leaves Florida or another balmy location in sunny, warm conditions doesn’t mean it won’t encounter below-freezing temperatures along its route. Consider where the vehicle will be traveling and make appropriate fuel decisions. If it is headed north, use winter fuel and possibly use fuel additives.
  • Complete overall inspections: Don’t neglect the rest of the systems of your vehicle as you focus on fuel concerns. Remember, smooth and efficient operation of other systems can also help with fuel economy. Inspect the vehicle for frozen components and perform regular maintenance on all systems. Keep everything in good working order to avoid unnecessary semi-truck repair and enjoy the best fuel performance throughout the season.

We’ll help you through the winter

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