What Are the Main Elements of Trailer Repair Services?

Trailers may deteriorate over time, especially with heavy use. That said, semi trailer repair can make your equipment appear new again. Beyond that, regular service means your employees will stay safe and productive. While it’s still important to service trucks, you shouldn’t forget about regular maintenance for trailers as well.

Let’s look at the necessity of semi trailer repairs.

The importance of repairing semi trailers

Just like the trucks they’re attached to, trailers need regular maintenance. This is important for the following reasons:

  • Compliance with all relevant government codes and guidelines
  • Improving safety for drivers
  • Increasing fuel efficiency
  • Boosting drivable hours and lowering out-of-service time

Regularly checking trailers is part of the requirements as set out in federal guidelines. Failure to do so could result in penalties. These guidelines state that equipment providers have to inspect, repair and maintain both vehicles and trailers.

Maintenance checklist

There are several items you’ll need to inspect to ensure that the trailer is in good working order:

  • Lights: Safe highway driving means that all lights on the vehicle and the trailer are working, no matter whether it’s day or night. Other drivers need to be informed if the vehicle is braking, changing lanes or in an emergency situation. Fortunately, the fixes for many light-related issues are easy and relatively inexpensive. Light malfunctions can be related to wiring, dirty or broken lenses or Lights should be inspected before each haul and at any regular semi trailer maintenance appointment.
  • Tires: These are essential to ensuring the timely, safe movement of freight. One faulty tire can be an expensive, unexpected hassle that decreases drivable hours. By checking the tires regularly, you’ll ensure that there’s no damage or leaks affecting them.
  • Brakes: Just like with the truck itself, having effective brakes is critical. Brakes depend on the type of trailer and the freight that’s being transported, so how often you need to check them varies. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see how often you need to have the brakes checked.
  • Security: From a properly-functioning door to securely-stored cargo, it’s necessary to check the trailer’s safety before beginning a haul. You want to look for damage to straps, ratchets, winches, tie-downs and door locks and handles.
  • Lubrication: Keeping the semi trailer’s parts lubricated per the manual’s instructions will ensure that everything functions properly. Trailers have a variety of parts that need to be lubricated to prevent corrosion. This is especially true during the winter when parts are more liable to lock up. Some of the parts that should be lubricated often include the kingpin, the main rail and the drag link.

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