Where Have All the Truck Parts Gone?

If you’ve been waiting for a while to get a truck part replacement, you’re not alone. We’re currently in the midst of a worldwide semi-truck part shortage. What happened to all of the semi-truck parts, and what does the shortage mean for drivers?

Continue reading to learn answers to everything you need to know about this disaster.

What parts have been affected by the shortage?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward: There’s a shortage of nearly every truck part you can imagine. Everything from brakes to sensors is hard to find. Depending on where you’re located, even some types of motor oil are difficult to track down right now.

What’s causing the shortage?

Just like with many worldwide issues, there’s no one cause of this truck part shortage. We can partially blame the shortage on supply chain issues caused by COVID-19, especially for those manufactured overseas—but our problem is also related to a shortage of raw materials as well as a lack of workers. Because all of these issues are hitting us at once, digging ourselves out of the predicament isn’t going to come quickly.

What does the shortage mean for drivers?

A lack of semi-truck parts impacts drivers particularly hard. Here are a few problems truck drivers are noticing (or will start noticing soon):

  • Longer downtimes: If you need a truck part, it likely means your truck needs repairs—but if that part isn’t in stock and a mechanic can’t source it, you won’t be able to work for the foreseeable future. These downtimes only increase as long lines form for drivers trying to make repair appointments.
  • Increased repair costs: If parts cost more to get in, many mechanics have no choice but to charge more for them. It’s more important than ever to do your research to ensure you’re not overpaying for repair services or truck parts.

How can repair shops prevent issues?

While mechanics can’t solve the supply shortage on their own, they can do these things to avoid the shortage’s impact on their business:

  • Monitor inventory: Shop managers always need to keep their eye on their inventory and know what they’re running low on—but this task should be a higher priority now that parts are taking longer to be delivered.
  • Order parts in advance: If repair shops do get low on a certain part, they need to do their best to order them in advance instead of waiting around for a driver who needs one. There’s no telling how long it’ll take for parts to arrive these days.

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