Are Your Trucks Performing as Efficiently as Possible?

With fuel prices back on the rise and no relief in sight, you might be thinking of ways you can save.  One way is to maximize your commercial truck’s fuel economy.  Making sure that your trucks are performing efficiently will save you unnecessary fuel costs, as well as extend the life of your vehicle. Here’s how you can increase your truck’s efficiency.

  • Don’t let your truck idle unnecessarily. Idling can waste around a half gallon of fuel per hour, so if you’re not moving for a period of time, it’s more cost-effective to turn the engine off.
  • Plan efficient routes. If you’re doing deliveries in town and traveling from place to place, spend some time plotting your route. Consider the locations of your stops, as well as weather and any possible traffic delays. Doing this can help you avoid unnecessary backtracking or additional driving, thus saving fuel.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Even tires that are slightly underinflated will cause drag on your truck, lessening its fuel economy. Use a tire gauge to check the pressure each time you drive.
  • Check your air filters. Dirty air filters can decrease your truck’s performance and can result in a 10% drop in fuel efficiency.
  • Invest in air springs. Your truck’s suspension can also have an impact on its fuel performance.  Consider adding air springs to your truck if it doesn’t already have them, as this reduce wear on the tires and ultimately increase your vehicle’s efficiency.
  • Make sure your exhaust system is performing at its best. A poor exhaust system can lead to decreased fuel economy because it hinders air flow and adds resistance.
  • Drive a little slower. Lowering your speed by just 6 mph can save you as much as 22% on fuel, and the added time to reach your destination won’t be impacted too much.

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