Fuel Saving Tips for your Commercial Fleet

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Owning and managing a fleet of commercial trucks is a big investment for most business owners.  In addition to the cost of the trucks themselves, there are maintenance and repair fees that inevitably come up. All of this can add up to a big price tag to maintain the fleet. To help mitigate some of these costs, there are a few things you can do to save money. Increasing the fuel economy of your trucks with fuel saving tips is one of these – here’s how:

Properly inflated tires – Underinflated tires increase rolling resistance and burn more fuel than properly inflated ones.  Look for the specs that are on the side of the tire to find out what the correct tire pressure is, and check tires at least monthly to ensure they are at the proper inflation.

Change your air filters – Dirty air filters can also waste fuel.  Clogged filters reduce air flow and can affect acceleration as well as reduce fuel economy.

Educate drivers – There a number of steps your drivers can take to save gas.  Remind them not to idle their engines, and to use cruise control as much as possible.  Driving just few mph slower can also save on fuel, as can pre-planning routes to avoid traffic and construction and make the most efficient use of time and fuel.

Keep your trucks tuned up – Regular tune-ups will ensure that everything in your vehicles is working as it should.  If any parts are deteriorating, it reduces the efficiency of the system as a whole, which can affect fuel economy and result in more expensive repairs later on.

Body modifications – Depending on the type of trucks in your fleet, you may be able to add modifications to increase fuel efficiency.  Wings, cab extenders, and fairings can help conserve fuel, so if your trucks aren’t already equipped with these, consider adding them.

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