Truck & Trailer Upgrades: Are they Worth it?

There are literally hundreds of upgrades that you can add to your truck or trailer.  Some are marketed for things like fuel economy or improved engine performance, while others are purely cosmetic.   Before you make the investment in upgrades, let’s talk about some of the most common truck and trailer upgrades.

Radiator upgrades – Overheating can be a real problem for many commercial truck operators, especially when they’re driving in hotter climates or humidity is a factor. Heavier loads can also factor in, and nothing stops a haul faster than an overheated engine. To prevent this, you need a modern, high-performing radiator that allows maximum airflow and cooling power. If your truck’s radiators aren’t doing this, it might be worth the investment to replace them before overheating becomes an issue.

Axle upgrades – Upgrading to a steel axle is something to consider as well, as this can positively impact your truck’s steering ability.  Single rear, front steer, and tandem rear configurations are available when upgrading your truck’s axles. Brake compatibility is something to consider as well.  With this upgrade, not only will steering and precision navigating be improved, you’ll also notice a decrease in road noise while driving.

Glider kits – Glider kits fall in the cosmetic category of possible upgrades, as these have more to do with the truck’s exterior look.  If you’ve got a truck with a worn or damaged frame, upgrading to a new glider kit will give your rig a whole new look.  In terms of value, glider kit upgrades allow you to reuse existing parts in good condition, saving you the additional cost of buying a new truck.  Because of their design and improved technology, glider kits can also increase fuel economy and reduce maintenance costs.

Trailer upgrades – There are a number of upgrades specific to trailers.  Some of these, like adjustable ball mounts or quick couplers, are fairly inexpensive and can make your life a lot easier.  Others, such as additional tie downs or trailer hitch lights, can be extremely convenient, but not always necessary.

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