The Value in Retreading Tires

It takes more than 22 gallons of oil to create one new truck tire.  That’s an incredible statistic when you consider how many trucks are on the road, how many tires they have, and how often those tires may need to be replaced.  That’s a lot of oil for production, and a lot of money being spent to produce them.  That also creates a great deal of waste as they are used.  Of the tires that are thrown away each year, industrial and commercial tires make up almost 20 percent of them.  As oil prices continue to rise and landfill space continues to decrease, trucking companies can no longer afford to do business as usual.

A Better Environmental Alternative

Fortunately, there is a better option.  Retreading tires is a way of reshaping old tires so that they can be used again effectively and safely.  The size and volume of material involved in industrial tires creates a huge impact on the environment, so retreading existing tires not only cuts down on the production of new tires, it greatly reduces the number of tires that end up in landfills as well.

A Better Financial Alternative

Retreading tires also saves your company money.  Retreading tires can save your company 30 to 50 percent in the cost spent per tire.  This keeps more money in your pocket while still obtaining a reliable product.  Some drivers and trucking companies have expressed concerns about the safety of retreaded tires, but those concerns are baseless.  There is no evidence to show that retreaded tires are any less safe than new tires.  Millions of retreaded tires are used safely around the world, from airlines to school buses to UPS and FedEx delivery carriers.  They clearly see the value in retreaded tires; isn’t it about time for you to check them out, too?

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