Know the Basics – Truck Parts

Professional trucking experts who have been in the business of working with tractor trailers for years know the parts of a truck like they know the back of their hand. However, everyone was a newbie at one point, so knowing the basics is worthwhile. Furthermore, some people own and operate large trucks, but they may not be professionals when it comes to having them serviced or maintained. For that reason, a basic review of the most common components is necessary.

  • Truck Tractor – The motorized component of a tractor trailer that contains the engine and cab.
  • Semitrailer – The motorless, box-shaped part that contains the cargo meant to be hauled. Together with the truck tractor, this produces the bulk of the vehicle. It’s also where the common name “tractor trailer” comes from.
  • Bumper – The attachment on the front of the truck that protects the truck tractor from minor shocks and collisions.
  • Fender – On the side of the truck, the fender protects the wheel wells from damage.
  • Exhaust Stack – A large pipe aiming upwards that expels smoke.
  • Siren – the part of the truck that produces a sound. Depending on the type of truck, the noise produced may vary widely. All are used to alert other drivers to possible hazards.
  • Marker Light – These lights above the cab indicate the form and dimension of the vehicle so that oncoming traffic and roadside personnel can identify the shape and design of the truck as it travels.
  • Wind Deflector – A device above the cab that changes the airflow as it passes around the truck. This cuts down on wind resistance allowing for better fuel economy.

It is important to note that the parts can differ greatly depending on the make and model of the truck; however, having a general knowledge of truck parts can help you and the repair company have a much more productive conversation.

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