Possible New Hybrid Technology for Tractor Trailers


Smart cars have gotten considerable attention over the last decade.  With rising fuel costs and growing environmental concerns from various groups, the importance of finding cheaper and cleaner methods of transportation has become clear.  As these technologies continue to gain ground for everyday consumers, businesses are investigating their viability as well.  Some companies even hope to bring hybrid technology to the construction and operation of tractor trailers.

Fuel and Function

The idea behind hybrid technology is to reduce fuel consumption.  That’s really the impetus behind everything because any other benefits, whether they be economic or environmental, stem from that result.  Hybrid tractor trailers could reduce their fuel consumption by more than 30%.  Tractor trailers consume an enormous amount of fuel as a result of their considerable weight, and over $150 billion every year is spent to power these trucks.

A Better Alternative for the Environment

Tractor trailer fuel emissions are of particular concern because of the sheer volume that is released.  Some early calculations predict that these changes could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by more than 2%.  While that may not sound like much, that’s a huge impact considering that it would be the result of a change to just one industry.

Making Ideas a Reality

Some trucking companies have begun to move forward in the development of this technology; some are even seeing prototypes that are capable of outperforming existing vehicles.  There are additional concerns to be sure.  Drivers need to be trained in these new vehicles.  Refueling concerns have to be met.  The costs of production have to be reduced, and trucking companies have to brought on board to support it.  Though the challenges may be significant, many developers see this as an inevitable and welcome change to tractor trailers.

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