The Differences in Large Truck Repair

The general public often does not appreciate the differences between a large truck such as a tractor trailer and any other vehicle on the road. Most people tend to view heavy trucks as nothing more than larger versions of the vehicles that they drive. Truck drivers know better. There’s a reason that special licensing exists for the people responsible for their safe operation. In many ways, they are operating completely different machines. For that reason, they have to be treated very differently when it comes to repairs. Even the most experienced of mechanics who worked on standard vehicles would be hard pressed to fully understand the intricacies of these larger machines. What are some of the key differences?

  • Part Acquisition – Large, heavy duty trucks often require very specialized parts that cannot be obtained through traditional auto part stores. Services like J&M Truck Repair have experience in locating these parts and have regular suppliers who can get what you need.
  • Safety Concerns – Because of the sheer size and complexity of these vehicles, there are often additional issues with safety that inexperienced mechanics may not anticipate. You can’t afford the liability if an experienced mechanic were to be injured on your vehicle. Go to a trusted service who knows how to repair your fleet safely.
  • Legal Requirements – Because they are an entire different class of vehicle, large trucks often have very strict requirements regarding their operation and repair according to state and federal law. Experienced services like J&M Truck Repair will ensure that your truck is being held to the highest standard so that the truck is safe, operational, and efficient.
  • Facilities – Large trucks require significantly different facilities in order to repair them. Not only are they larger and heavier, but tractor trailers and other large trucks often have other features that cannot be managed in traditional garages.

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