Older Truck? Make It Like New Again!

The biggest reason people want to switch to a newer truck is due to emissions standards, and especially for On-The-Road drivers who have routes in California. We all know that California has some of the highest-paying routes in the country, so there is a big advantage to being able to have a truck that can meet their rather strict pollution requirements. When faced with this dilemma, most drivers either decide not to take routes that run through California (and, therefore, lose possible income), or get hooked onto an expensive lease-purchase agreement that virtually negates any benefits that California has.

Having an older truck is actually the best situation you can find yourself in. Older trucks generally mean you already own it, and don’t have to make ridiculous weekly or monthly payments to keep it. J&M Truck Repair can make your truck like new again, inside and out. By installing a DPF or DEF system, your truck will be just as compliant as a 2015 model fresh off the lot. It is much more affordable and convenient than getting a newer truck. Not to mention the fact that certain high-powered trucks, such as Peterbilt 379s, were discontinued after 2007 – meaning they were never made with the emissions system to begin with.

Apart from the emissions system, just about every feature of your truck can be upgraded via J&M’s commercial truck repair service. If it’s a sleeper truck, they can make it as comfortable and stylish as anything on the market. Is your motor or transmission giving up? Get it rebuilt and fixed for a much lower price than anywhere else. Even if your trailer is having issues, J&M also specializes in trailer repair, making it a true all-in-one service shop that will allow you to get on the road as quickly as possible.

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