The Importance of Topping Off Your Truck’s Fluids

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Think of your truck’s fluids as your body’s blood. Losing just 40% of the blood in your body will cause you to die – the same is true for your truck. Low fluids are just as dangerous as no fluids; the damage that they will cause to your truck is inevitable. That’s why you should constantly be checking the fluids on your truck to ensure they are not running low. Even if they are a tiny bit under the recommended amount, it is important to top it off, allowing the truck to run optimally.

There are five “pillar” fluids that are all imperative to a smooth ride. These are the five fluids you should pay the most attention to, checking them at least every 2,000 miles.

  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid

Some of these, such as brake fluids, rarely go low unless there is severe damage that causes a leak. However, they are extremely important for your truck’s components (such as the brake and transmission); without them, not only do you risk breaking down, but they can affect vital aspects such as the ability to change gears or brake quickly, creating a danger on the road.

In terms of importance, you should pay the most attention to the engine oil level and the coolant. Without them being topped off and optimal, you aren’t just risking minor damage, but complete overheating. Just running for a mile on an overheated engine can destroy your entire motor, causing thousands worth of damage. You also risk components under the hood catching on fire, which is obviously dangerous. Finally, power steering is extremely important for semi-trucks especially. It’s almost impossible to turn without it. It’s also the one most susceptible to leaks, which makes checking it (and topping it off) extremely important – especially if you start hearing noises when you turn the steering wheel.

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