Check Out Our Winterization Special!

Winter requires extra protection. That’s true for your body – get those gloves ready! It’s also true for your truck. Just like you will suffer if you walk outside in below freezing temperature without warm clothing, your truck will suffer without getting it winterized in order to adjust for the harsh conditions.

While most people know that extra protection is needed for your truck in the winter, they also don’t know exactly what should be inspected, changed and removed. That’s why we are offering a limited-time winterization special that will alleviate all of your concerns!

So what does the special include? It’s a full service inspection that will take a look at:

  • Coolant and Anti-Freeze
    • While anybody can quickly check the levels, our inspection goes beyond that to test not only the levels, but also how viable your current fluid is. They go bad after time due to numerous reasons, including contamination, and we will flush it if necessary!
  • DCA Levels
  • Belts
    • There are few things that take the winter worse than belts. Unless all of your belts are brand new, it is likely that they at least have a little damage. That’s normal and they are made to function with a little wear and tear. The problem comes when the freezing cold hits those belts, little problems turn into major ones. We will make sure your belts will survive the winter!
  • Engine Fan Operation
  • Coolant Leaks
    • There are two scenarios with coolant leaks and both are known to occur. First, your coolant can leak into your engine oil, which is extremely serious, can lead to blown head gaskets, blown engines and serious fires. Secondly, other fluids can leak into your coolant, which overtime reduces its viability and actually causes more damage – even if the coolant itself is not leaking.

Bring your truck to J&M as soon as possible and we will make sure the winter will be your trucks friend rather than enemy!

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