What types of help can I get if a tire blows?

Having a tire problem can be very distressing, especially if you are on a dangerous road or in an unfamiliar area. As a trailer driver, you’ve likely had this problem at one point or another. Services like J&M Trailer and Truck Repair can help you get back on the road fast with tire services. Here we’ll take a look at what types of services you can expect to be offered.

First, the most important thing is to make sure you can continue your drive safely. This can mean you get a retread on your tires. This saves money and is usually sufficient for a good amount of time. However, if a tire has not reached its expected life, a trailer may have one of many correctable mechanical problems. This is where tire balancing and rotating come into play. If tires consistently die at random intervals, there’s a chance they are wearing unevenly due to a problem with alignment or rotation. These services can be performed at affordable prices and can save you the hassle and cost of having tires constantly replaced or serviced.

Second, preventative maintenance can be performed on your truck in general, and specifically on your tires. This can include checking your alignment regularly and having tires rotated at manufacturer-recommended intervals. Checking your alignment can be far less costly than actually having to do the alignment, and it can also spot problems before they get out of hand and cause permanent problems with your current tires. This is part of most trailer inspections, and it can come with a package that checks many major systems for problems before they impede your professional progress.

If you own or operate a trailer, the brunt of repairs and tire changes can fall on you. Rather than putting off potential problems, you should tackle them today with an experienced company that stands behind its work. If you need services like this, don’t hesitate to contact J&M today.

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