Why You Should Consistently Change Oil in your Tractor-Trailer?

Changing the oil in your big rig is part of the overall general maintenance that 18-wheelers need to thrive and not break down.  The last thing a trucker wants is for his truck to have problems, especially not engine problems.  Proper care and maintenance of your big rig is smart; it makes good sense so that you won’t encounter unnecessary problems that could ruin your day.

Engine Will Last Longer

Good, clean oil will help your engine last longer.  This part of big rig maintenance is similar to regular automobile maintenance in that proper care will help the vehicle last longer and run better.  Ensure you monitor your oil, and oil usage, periodically; don’t let time get away from you and miss an oil change when your big rig really needed it.

Massive Cylinders

A tractor-trailer rig typically holds about 10-15 gallons of oil, whereas the normal passenger car only utilizes about 1.5 gallons.  Due to the volume of oil in a big rig, it’s cylinders (which are much larger, of course, than an average passenger vehicle), don’t have to work as hard as an automobile.  Even though oil in a big rig doesn’t normally need to be changed as often as a passenger vehicle, don’t let time slip away.  As oil ages, it becomes dirty from road environmental and metal particles that get in it and it loses its viscosity.  It will lose its consistency and it will not let your engine perform as well as it should.

While you might not want to set your oil changes on a strict, exact schedule, you should take into account the kind of driving your truck performs.  Dirty oil can result in overheating issues and/or possible gasket separation, just to name a few potential issues.  Don’t let your truck down on proper care and maintenance, and it won’t let you down when you’re on the road.  Call J&M Trailer & Truck Repair to schedule your next oil change.

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