Is Rotating Your Tires Actually Necessary?

Everyone has heard you should rotate your tires, but do you actually do it? Is it something that is really necessary or just a suggestion? The answer might surprise you. Tire rotation is very important to the life of your tires and for safety reasons.

What is Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation is simply removing your tire and moving it either from left to right or front to back. This is done because the outside of the front tires often wear more than rear tires. This is because the front tires lean over when you corner, while the rear tires simply follow the fronts. If you do not rotate the fronts to the backs, the outside edge of the front tires will wear much faster and you will need to replace the front tires thousands of miles sooner than is actually necessary. Also, unbalanced tires or poor alignment can also cause uneven wear.

Safety and Tire Longevity

The main concern with tire rotation is for the safety of the occupants in the vehicle. A worn down tire or outside edge of a tire, is a safety issue. Tire failure on a highway or busy street could cause a serious accident. If you rotate the tires at least every 8,000 miles, you will have a smoother ride and better handling. This also translates into longer tread wear and money saved.

What Happens During Tire Rotation?

Rotating your tires can be simple, but should also include a few other steps. Each tire should be removed and the air pressure should be checked and adjusted accordingly. Also, the brakes should be checked while the tires are off, which makes it easier to see and reach them. Finally, change the position of the tires when you place them back on the vehicle.

Tire rotation is important not only to your wallet, but your safety as well. Be sure to have your tires rotated at least every 8,000 miles.

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