Keep Your Tractor Trailer Tires Longer

Tires, tires, tires.  When asking trucking companies or drivers about the biggest maintenance expenses, tires are always at the top of the list.  They are a necessary evil in the industry, because while the cost of replacing them is very significant, truckers can’t do their jobs without them.

All tires have a limited life span.  They aren’t going to last forever, but there are steps that you can take, as a driver, to keep them in good shape longer.

Get the Trailer Aligned Truck alignments are not often overlooked, but truckers and trucking companies often forego the trailer alignment.  This can ultimately cost them a much larger sum of money, as a poor alignment can eat away at those very expensive tires.

The poor alignment means that the trucker is constantly battling the pull of the trailer.  The correction made by the driver means that the truck’s tires suffer uneven wear and tear.  You can guess the end of this story, and you can be sure that your wallet is going to serve as the exclamation point.

Wear Checks Like Clock Work Forget the monthly reminders, this is a job that should be done far more regularly.  Some of the fleet’s trucks are going to be used harder and longer than others.  Long trips and heavy loads can really put a beating on tires, so be sure that you are checking them every week.  Tire inspection for signs of excessive wear can be done anywhere.   The truck doesn’t have to be back at home base.  Poor tire condition can increase the likelihood of a blowout, can have a negative impact on fuel economy, and can reduce the driver’s control of the vehicle in poor weather conditions.

Very often the tires that aren’t suitable for the tractor can be rotated to the trailer, with plenty of usable tread left, which can ultimately mean less tire expense.  These vehicle inspections can also point to suspension problems that are causing tires to wear faster.

Rotate Tires As mentioned above, tires can be moved around on the truck and trailer to increase their lifespan.  The placement of the tire on the truck or trailer can dictate how fast it wears, which means that regular rotation will allow for more even wear and less frequent replacements.

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