Tire Trends: Did You Know?

There is a movement across the automotive industry to streamline vehicles and improve overall fuel efficiency.  While that might not come as any surprise to you, you may not have noticed the new look of tires.  Skinny tires are trending at the moment, because less surface area on the road, means less drag.

It’s not just on trucks that these thinner profile tires are being put to use.  Car makers are including them on their newer models as well.  After all, less resistance, less drag means better fuel economy, because the engine doesn’t have to work quite as hard to maintain that forward momentum.

When you are factoring your fuel economy into your financial considerations, to determine your overall bottom line, you do, of course, care a great deal about any improvement that could lead to less expense at the pump.  Even just a couple of added miles per gallon can make a big deal of difference, when it is your job to be on the road day and night.

Skinny tires went out of favor for a while because they couldn’t provide the stability and durability of those with a wider profile.  However, new innovations in the composition of tire rubber has changed that.  Even thin tires can maintain good grip in poor weather conditions, in addition to maintaining the standards in the durability and stability categories.

There are certainly other advancements in tire manufacturing that have improved your drive as well.  Less carbon black means less rolling resistance, but it also means that the tire may not be an effective electric ground, so manufacturers developed a way to resolve the problem, while keeping the reduced drag – a tread antenna.  This continuous strip of rubber serves the purpose of keeping the vehicle grounded.

New tires, both for large- and small vehicles, can also run longer on reduced pressure, so you can get to a safe place before changing your flat.  These, combined with improved tire pressure sensors, have kept motorists safer.

Choosing the right replacement tires can make all of the difference.  Better tires means safer, smoother, more cost-effective rides.

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