Truckers Enjoying Profitable Industry, With Reliable Trucks

The trucking business in this country, despite temporary reports of job cuts, is still a booming industry.  There are more trucks registered on the road has been climbing.  According to reports, the number of registered trucks climbed three percent in a single year, putting it at approximately 11 million.

While that sign of growth is a good thing for the trucking industry, it could also mean that you face more competition for loads.  So, you have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.  You don’t want to miss out on a job possibility because your truck is broken down.  Regular maintenance is essential.

Consider the fact that large trucks travel more than a quarter of a billion miles per year.  That is a lot of vehicle wear and tear.  It can cause small issues to quickly grow into very large, and expensive problems, if they are not caught quickly.

As long as large trucks remain the preferred form of transporting goods – which they undoubtedly are, responsible for the carrying of billions of tons of cargo each year – truckers are going to have a level of job security.  However, that security will no longer exist if the driver’s truck is unreliable or if the trucker fails to meet roadside inspection requirements.

More than three hundred thousand drivers will be fined for failing roadside inspections.  Many, many more will find that their trucks break down while on the road, and nearly half a million will be involved in preventable accidents.  All too often, those accidents are related to vehicle component failure which could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

So, if you want to continue to compete in this thriving industry, you have to understand that a visit to the professionals now, for a proper inspection and routine maintenance can result in a much better profit later.

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