Choosing the Right Tire for Your Commercial Vehicle

Choosing tires for a commercial vehicle used to be a much simpler task because there were only a few options to choose from. Today, however, tire manufacturers have recognized the importance of designing and modifying commercial tires to meet specific performance needs to a perfection, which means there are an overwhelming number of tire options out there.

Having more tire options allows you to choose the best tire to meet the unique needs of your commercial vehicles; however, it also means that choosing the right tire has become more complicated. As your local source for commercial truck tires in Marion County, FL, we’ve put together a few things to consider that will help you in your search for the perfect tire:

  • Cost: As always, cost is an important factor when choosing the right tire. If you’re lucky, your budget may allow you to purchase the more expensive, high-performance tires. However, most companies cannot afford that luxury. When considering costs, look at your budget, not only for the tires themselves, but also for fuel. Then calculate accordingly how much life and gas mileage you will get out of a tire, as this will help you better determine how much you should invest in tires. Typically, however, the best option is to choose something in the middle ground—an affordable, mid-quality tire.
  • Load capacity: You need a tire that will be able to safely carry the load and weight of your commercial vehicles. Consider the weight of your vehicles as well as the heaviest load they would carry, as this will help you to better determine the best load capacity for the tires you want to buy.
  • Speed rating: Do your trucks mostly travel locally, or do they spend a lot of time on the freeways? How fast your vehicles typically go will make a difference in the types of tires you choose. If your vehicles typically travel at high speeds on a freeway, you’ll want to invest in tires with a higher speed rating.
  • Weather conditions: Commercial truck tires are designed to meet specific weather conditions. If your vehicles will be traveling in areas with really hot pavement, areas with a lot of rain or areas with snow and below-freezing temperatures, you’ll want to choose your tires accordingly. Purchase a tire that is designed for the specific weather conditions your commercial vehicles will be driving in.
  • Road conditions: Finally, you’ll want to take into consideration the road conditions of the routes your vehicles cover. Do your vehicles typically stay on smooth roads, or are the roads they travel uneven, bumpy or hazardous? Depending on your answer, you may want to invest in a more durable tire that can handle rough road conditions.

There are a lot of great tire options out there, which means you can choose the best tire to meet your needs. Just keep in mind these few pointers from J & M Trailer Repair, your local source for commercial truck tires in Marion County, FL, and you’ll be sure to choose the tire that will work best for you.

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