How to Handle a Breakdown on the Highway in Your Commercial Vehicle

Every company that relies on heavy-duty trucks should have an established protocol for what a driver should do when their truck breaks down on the highway. Breaking down on the highway poses challenges and dangers that are not present when you’re on a less traveled road. It is therefore crucial that you follow your company’s protocol to the letter, ensuring your own safety as well as protecting those around you.

If you are not certain about your company’s rules, it’s best to consult with your fleet manager, or familiarize yourself with your employee handbook. The following tips are some of the accepted best practices for commercial truck roadside service in Marion County, FL.

Pull over out of traffic

The most important thing to do is to get as far away from the flow of traffic as possible. Put on your emergency flashers, contact your fleet manager and wait patiently for someone to arrive. The traffic of the highway is likely to slow down your help’s arrival, so be prepared for a wait.

Do not fix your truck on your own

Do not try to repair your truck on your own. Even if you know the problem and have fixed it before, when you attempt to make a fix on your own on the side of a busy highway, you are putting your company, and more importantly yourself, at great risk. It is common in breakdown situations for a good Samaritan or some other passerby to stop and offer help. Even if they are an expert, do not accept their offer. Your company has specific rules to follow when working with its insurance company to have a truck repaired. Anything you do aside from waiting for the help your company sends is, unfortunately, likely to make the repair process much longer and more complicated.

Remain in the vehicle unless it is necessary that you leave it

We may sound like a broken record by now, but don’t leave your vehicle unless you find you are not safe there. You can get out of the truck to open your hood, or to put emergency cones or reflectors around your vehicle—which can help keep you safe by signaling to any passing police officers that you need assistance—but otherwise, sit and wait.

Have access to all of your truck’s insurance and roadside assistance policy information

You may need this information for any number of reasons. Your company may not be reachable, and you may need to follow protocol and call for assistance on your own. You may need this info to share with the police, or with another driver, should you be involved in an accident. Keep these things on hand to guarantee you’re always protecting yourself and your truck.

Secure commercial truck roadside service in Marion County, FL

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