Top Five Myths About Semi Truck Parts in Ocala, FL

You’ve heard the rumors, but are they true? What information about semi truck parts in Ocala, FL is fact, and what is fiction? Before buying parts for your rig, it’s important to be clear on the truth. Following are the most common misconceptions about semi truck parts and the truths behind the myths.

1. All Semi Truck Parts in Ocala, FL Are Created Equal

Just because it looks the same on the outside doesn’t mean it’s the same quality on the inside. It’s important to purchase authorized components created with proven technology and testing. Cheap knockoffs will not hold up under the wear and tear they receive on the road. Choose only high-quality parts when making upgrades or repairs to your vehicle.

2. More Expensive Means Better

If you want the best quality semi truck parts in Ocala, FL, price is not the determining factor. The most expensive parts are not always the best parts. The true value of the part is in its performance. You want quality parts that are installed properly. To achieve this, you must consider the price of the part, the labor and the quality of both. The best deal may be the most expensive option, but you shouldn’t assume that the highest price is the best one. You may simply be overpaying for the part or service.

3. Only Dealers Offer Quality Semi Truck Parts in Ocala, FL

Many vehicle owners believe the myth that a dealer is the only one they can trust with their semi. While dealerships offer authorized vehicle parts, and they should be experts in their brand, they are not the only ones that offer these specialties. Other shops offer original parts, and they may be able to offer a better deal on labor. As long as you avoid cheap knockoff parts, you can easily obtain quality parts and service at a garage that is not a dealership.

4. Rebuilt and Remanufactured Are the Same Thing

Too often, vehicle owners interchange or mix up these very distinct terms. They are far from the same thing. Rebuilt refers to replacing or repairing damaged parts to fix a problem. Remanufacturing refers to disassembling a part completely and testing each piece for quality. After testing, the part is remanufactured from parts that pass these tests or are repaired so that they do. Keep these differences in mind as you purchase parts that are labeled as rebuilt or remanufactured.

5. The Age of the Truck is the Most Important Thing

When choosing parts or making decisions about repairs, truck owners should keep the age of their truck in mind. However, this is not the most important aspect of repair decisions. Vehicle owners should also consider the part’s performance, the manufacturer’s quality and the trade cycle. Keep all of these in mind as you determine what type of semi truck parts in Ocala, FL you need.

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