Five Warning Signs That You Need to Replace Your Semi Tires in Florida

The tires are one of the most important parts of your semi truck, but just like everything else, they will eventually wear out from use. It’s an inevitable part of owning any type of vehicle. Tire failure can be extremely dangerous, whether you’re driving a passenger car or a semi truck. Unfortunately, a blown-out semi truck tire can have deadly results. An unexpected blowout can also lead to missed schedules and a loss of revenue. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to identify when the tires are in bad shape so they can be replaced immediately. Look out for these five warning signs that it’s time to replace your semi tires in Florida:

  • Tread depth: The grooves on the tire are critical for maintaining the grip on the road. Without it, you could be slipping and sliding all over the highway. The tread of the tire should never be lower than 1.6 millimeters, but drivers who frequently travel on wet or slippery surfaces probably want even more than that. The simplest way to check the depth is to stick a quarter into one of the center grooves. Place George Washington’s head upside down to observe the tread depth. You need new tires if you can see the top of his head.
  • Cracking: The sidewall can also show signs of wear and tear. Cuts and grooves will start to appear in the sidewall. This could mean the tire is more likely to experience leaking or even a blowout. Bring your truck into the shop once you see the sidewall has developed cracks.
  • Wear indicator bar: All new tires are equipped with tread wear indicators. The wear indicator will gradually start to become visible as the tires wear down from use and age. It’s time to replace the tires once one or two of the bars are easily visible. Be proactive and replace them before something goes wrong.
  • Blisters and bulges: The outer surface of the tire should be smooth and level. Blisters and bulges appear once the exterior of the tire has become weak. They’re often a result of trauma, usually from hitting a deep pothole, speed bump or curb. The air then leaks out between the inner and outer sidewalls in one area, resulting in a weak, blistered spot. These weak points are much more prone to blowouts if the tires are not replaced.
  • Vibration: Some vibration is to be expected, but excessive vibration feels different and even uncomfortable. An overwhelming vibrating could be caused by unbalanced tires. Add the necessary air to the tires to see if that solves the problem. Take it to a professional if the problem persists. They may recommend purchasing new tires, depending on the cause of the vibration.

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