How Often Should You Get Your Semi Truck’s Diesel Oil Changed?

Everyone knows that changing the oil is a key step in any vehicle’s maintenance. Oil is the lifeblood of the engine, providing lubrication for parts to move and reducing friction that can cause overheating. When the engine is in top working order and the oil is changed regularly, the vehicle will last longer and be more dependable on the road.

Bringing in a semi truck for oil changes in Ocala, FL is a recommended maintenance step if you hope to keep your truck running smoothly over the long haul. Read on to find out how frequently you should bring the truck to your mechanic.

Oil change intervals

The short answer is that most owners have their truck’s oil changed about every 25,000 miles. While semi trucks needed far more frequent oil changes in the past, advances in technology, such as improvements in both filters and fuel quality, have allowed owners to complete diesel oil changes less often. Many trucks could last as long as 50,000 miles on a single oil change, though it’s best not to push it.

Factors in determining oil change frequency

You should check your vehicle owner’s manual, as oil changes may be needed more or less frequently depending on your vehicle’s make and model. How the truck is used will also affect how often the oil needs to be changed. For example, vehicles that are often carrying heavy loads over long distances might need more frequent attention. Other factors include:

  • Driving tendencies: Rough handling on steep inclines or non-paved roads can reduce the fuel efficiency and require additional oil changes.
  • Age of vehicle: An older truck with a lot of miles on it will need more frequent oil changes than newer models.
  • Oil quality: You might think that all oil is created the same, but the fact is that poor-quality oil is liable to damage the engine and won’t work as efficiently as high-quality oil.
  • Engine condition: Vehicles that are left idling for long periods of time often put additional stress on the engine.

Why are regular oil changes important?

To start with, this is the easiest step toward keeping your semi truck’s engine healthy. On top of that, fuel efficiency is important in the industry, and regular oil changes will ensure that the engine is working its best. By clearing out the dirt, soot, debris and hydrocarbons that have entered, you can increase the truck’s performance.

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