Semi Truck Tire Change Considerations

Truck tires last hundreds of thousands of miles. That might sound like a lot, but drivers have to install new sets more often than expected due to the constant travel across county and even state lines. The following tips will give you an idea of when to schedule a semi truck tire replacement with your Ocala, FL truck mechanic.

Check the tire pressure

Stop by truck weighing stations on a regular basis. A scale can help you determine if the truck tires are filled to the proper inflation levels. First, check the tire manufacturer’s manual to see what the pressure should be for each tire. Wait for the semi to cool down, then individually weigh the front, rear and trailer axles. To get accurate results, make sure the truck is fully loaded.

As a rule of thumb, semi truck tires last an average of 100,000 miles. However, you shouldn’t wait until that mileage point to check for proper inflation. Any number of factors, including road conditions and driving behavior, may lead to the need for semi truck tire replacement sooner than expected. Ask your truck repair shop in Ocala, FL to replace them right away if the PSI is at least 20 percent lower than the recommended level.

Increase the load capacity

Tires slowly lose air pressure over time. But if you constantly have to inflate them, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Tires aren’t a one-size-fits-all component, and your semi truck might have the wrong set. The bigger your truck, the bigger load-bearing capacity your tires will need.

After looking up the recommended PSI, check your tire manufacturer’s manual for the maximum load capacity. If the truck breaches this maximum weight, you’ll either have to carry less cargo or invest in semi truck tire replacement. Cutting back on business doesn’t sound too appealing, which leaves you with the second option. Trucks that are part of the HV or MV Series definitely need greater load-bearing capacities.

Buy tires for all terrains

Most truck drivers don’t account for routes that lead them off the beaten path. They log countless hours on the wide open highway and conclude that on-road tires are good enough. However, you never know when a delivery will take you onto a dirt or gravel back road. Even a quick trip along an unpaved street can lead to hidden wear and tear. Play it safe and install semi truck tires with at least 20 percent off-road capabilities.

Inspect the surrounding parts

After weighing the axles and checking the PSI, thoroughly inspect the surrounding tire components for signs that you’re due for a replacement. Even if you haven’t logged 100,000 miles, the truck will need either a tire rotation or completely new set if the tread depth is worn down too much. A truck technician in Ocala, FL can check other key components like the valve caps and suspension for issues that might be causing premature wear and tear.

Tires are what carry you from one place to another, yet blowouts are all too common on the road. That’s why you need a team of experts who specialize in tire rotation, repair and replacement. The truck technicians at J & M Trailer Repair offer a range of comprehensive tire services, making us your one-stop truck repair shop. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.