Tips for Purchasing Great Semi Truck Parts

Part of robust truck and fleet maintenance is making sure you always have access to quality parts. When making repairs or upgrades, you should never settle for anything less than high-quality items.

But how do you know if you’re getting semi truck parts that are built to last through long periods of ongoing usage? Here’s a quick overview of how you can purchase semi truck parts that are designed to last:

  • Consider the price: It’s good to be cautious about how much money you’re spending, but when it comes to maintaining trucks and purchasing new truck parts and accessories, you shouldn’t shy away from higher prices. In most cases, quality, performance and compatibility will result in a larger price tag. It’s important that you not sacrifice safety and performance for some small savings. Ultimately, investing more in a higher-quality part will help you avoid downtime, which will increase your productivity. It will also give your truck a higher resale value and better efficiency.
  • Look carefully at the part number: Truck parts and accessories are identified by name and number. The numbers for these parts correspond with different truck models. This means the part will work well with particular sensors, engines or computers as indicated by that number. Make sure you confirm the part numbers you need before going shopping, and vice versa—if you find a part you like, make sure it corresponds with the number your vehicle needs.
  • Prioritize quality and compatibility: Before you start browsing for parts online or at the shop, it’s important that you research parts that are compatible with all of your vehicle’s systems. Part of this is determining the part number as described above, but this also means searching for OEM parts. OEMs must go through rigorous testing protocols before they’re put into use, which ensures they will fit properly and will not reduce the quality of performance you have grown accustomed to.
  • Look at your warranty: Before purchasing or installing a spare part, double-check your warranty—you’ll want to make sure the part you used is covered. Usually this means going with OEM parts. There are other types of parts that, when used, could void your warranty, meaning you no longer have financial protection should something go wrong with critical vehicle systems. If the part has a manufacturer’s warranty, consider contacting the company to get recommendations on replacements so you do not risk losing that protection.
  • Take your time: So long as you start researching replacement parts before you actually need them, you will have the luxury of time on your side. Do some research into the best parts available on the market. Talk to a trusted mechanic or to the dealer of the truck. If your truck has broken down, consider the reason for the breakdown and whether it could be due to another part or system failure.

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