How Often Should You Service a Semitrailer?

If you have a fleet of semitrucks, you probably have them serviced quite a bit. After all, having the trucks in working order is paramount to keeping your drivers and their products on schedule—but you shouldn’t neglect the semitrailers, as they’re just as important as the trucks themselves.

Semitrailer repairs should be at the top of your maintenance checklist when you’re having your commercial fleet inspected and repaired. It’s not always easy to know how often you should perform semitrailer repairs and what components to focus on. That’s what this article will cover.

Why it’s important to maintain your semitrailer

There are several reasons you want to have your semitrailer serviced, ranging from the legal to the practical. First, there are Department of Transportation (DOT) maintenance guidelines that you legally must follow or face fines.

Second, performing preventative maintenance on your trailer can preclude you from having to perform more serious semitrailer repairs down the line, which could have your truck out of commission, costing you money.

Third, keeping your semitrailer in proper working shape will increase its longevity, allowing you to use it for longer than you would if you had neglected to maintain it.

Fourth and most important, is the safety factor. Making sure that your semitrailer is inspected and repaired regularly makes the truck safer for the drivers, the other people on the road and the companies who are having their goods shipped.

Types of maintenance for semitrailers

There are five main things that semitrailer repairs should be geared around:

  • Brakes: With how large the truck and trailer are, having properly-working brakes is critical. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and have them checked every time the oil is changed.
  • Security: This refers not only to the locks on the doors but to the ability to secure freight inside the trailer, so it doesn’t move around in transit. Check this before each trip.
  • Lights: The lights on your trailer are crucial because they alert motorists that the driver is stopping. Although malfunctioning lights can lead to violations, they are typically a cheap and easy fix. Check these before and after every haul.
  • Tires: Having good tires is essential to driver safety, and they should be inspected for any leaks or damage. Keep an eye out for atypical wear on the tires, as this could indicate a deeper structural problem. You should inspect them before and after every trip and during all semitrailer repairs.
  • Lubrication: Having well-lubricated parts is key to keeping your semitrailer running smoothly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and check lube levels every 12,000 to 24,000 miles.

How often should you get your semitrailer repaired and serviced?

The list above offers some guidelines for individual component checks and repairs, but, in general, you should have your whole semitruck and trailer serviced every 10,000 to 20,000 miles.

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