When to Change the Oil in a Semi-Truck

An essential part of semi-truck maintenance is routine oil changes. Oil changes keep the engine lubricated, thus helping ensure the efficiency of your truck; however, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when to change your truck’s oil.

Below, we cover everything you need to know about semi-truck oil changes. If you think your truck needs an oil change, be sure to visit a semi-truck repair specialist right away to get your vehicle cared for.

Average semi-truck oil change frequency

While there are several factors that influence how often you should change your semi-truck’s oil, most trucks need an oil change every 25,000 miles on average. This can be a problem for drivers who travel hundreds of miles per day, as they may need a multitude of oil changes throughout the year, which can cost a fortune; however, it’s always important to change your oil at the right time.

The importance of regular oil changes

There are many reasons why you should never put off oil changes for your semi-truck. For one, putting off an oil change could cause major damage to your semi-truck, resulting in the need for expensive repairs. Regular oil changes help maintain the longevity and efficiency of your truck.

Another big reason to keep up with oil changes is that they can help prevent unexpected breakdowns. Breakdowns can leave a driver out of work for a long time. During your routine oil change, a semi-truck repair specialist can check for any other issues that require immediate attention.

Lastly, routine oil changes can help improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Truckers often spend tens of thousands of dollars on fuel per year, which is why it’s good to improve fuel efficiency in any way you can.

Ensuring the efficiency of your oil

It’s possible to increase the life-span of your oil by taking good care of your engine. Practice fuel-efficient driving techniques, such as reducing unnecessary acceleration and coasting when possible. Also, try to avoid unnecessary shifting, braking and truck idling.

Other ways to improve the efficiency of your oil include choosing routes with smoother terrain and investing in routine engine maintenance—and be sure to always see a mechanic if you’re experiencing engine problems. It’s never a good idea to put off repairs.

Don’t wait to have your oil changed

If it’s time for an oil change, be sure to visit a reputable semi-truck repair shop in your area. As mentioned above, keeping up with oil changes can improve engine efficiency, fuel economy and much more. Since semi-trucks usually require more frequent oil changes than an average vehicle, it’s important to find a mechanic you can trust. Make sure they have years of experience in working with semi-trucks and offer fair prices for their services.

If you’re in need of semi-truck repairs or maintenance, you can trust the experts at J & M Trailer Repair. We’ll work hard to take care of all your needs and have you back on the road in no time.