What to Look at Before Buying a Used Semi Truck

Purchasing a pre-owned commercial truck is a big step and a big investment. Purchasing and operating a commercial truck is an important commitment that could have a huge impact on your career and earning potential for the future. For these reasons, you want to make sure you’re getting a great deal and making a smart investment. There are a few things to consider when looking to purchase a pre-owned commercial truck. Keep reading to learn more.


Consider the age of the used truck along with its mileage. The age of the truck will have a huge impact on how much maintenance the vehicle will need over the long term. In general, the older a vehicle is, the less life you will be able to get out of it for your own purposes.


Closely related to age is mileage. Even if a vehicle is not that old, if it has very high mileage, the remaining lifespan of the vehicle may be limited. With very good maintenance, you can get many more miles out of a good quality vehicle, but the mileage is definitely a factor to consider when purchasing a commercial truck.


Another important factor is the use you have in mind for the vehicle. For instance, if you are planning to use your commercial vehicle for cross-country purposes, you will be putting many miles and a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle. Going cheap may not be in your best interest in the long run. You would do better to invest in a vehicle that can handle the amount of work you have in mind.

The types of loads should come into consideration as well. If you are planning to carry very heavy loads, pay close attention to the suspension and the capacity of the axles to ensure that they could support the loads you are planning to carry.


The vehicle warranty is also an important detail to consider. A warranty can save you a lot of money and have a huge impact on the success of your business venture with the new vehicle. Ask a lot of questions about the warranty when purchasing a used commercial truck. Is the vehicle still under factory warranty? How much longer will the warranty last? What exactly is covered under the warranty? These questions will greatly affect your financial success later on if the vehicle needs repairs.

Owners and History

One of the most overlooked details of used truck purchases is often previous owners and history. Check out who the previous owners were to ensure that the vehicle was not involved in any illegal activities that could jeopardize your use of the vehicle in the future.

You should also find out the history of the vehicle. In some cases, a vehicle may have been involved in accidents that the owner does not wish to report. This could impact how the vehicle performs in the future. Be sure you are able to review the vehicle’s history before deciding to purchase.