How Has the Trucking Industry Helped With Supply Chain Issues?

The pandemic has caused major changes to our lives that many people never anticipated. The most recent and possibly one of the biggest changes the pandemic has caused is supply chain issues. Supply chain issues affect all aspects of business, from what you are able to purchase at your grocery store, to being able to purchase new cars at the dealership. Knowing how trucking has been affected is also very important.

Supply Chain Disruptions

So, what has caused the disruption in supply chains? One thing that has massively disrupted the supply chain for many is the lack of workers to make goods, as well as changes in imports, and the overall cost of goods. These changes have made it difficult for truckers and trucking companies to get goods to transport and actually make money transporting them.

These supply chain disruptions have had a rather big impact on trucking. Many trucking companies have been forced to take on longer commutes and longer routes in order to get those goods to transport. Many have also had to make these trips both with and without loads in order to be able to actually make a living. Rising fuel costs have also cut into the bottom line of many trucking companies and many truckers as well.

Noticeable Shortage of Experienced Drivers

Another impact that the supply chain disruptions have had on the trucking industry is experienced driver shortages. Companies have not able to assure drivers that they are going to have steady work and that they are going to have a steady stream of loads to deliver. Many drivers have left the industry entirely, as they are not able to have the assurance that they are going to have enough work to help take care of their families.

Though supply chain issues are starting to lessen somewhat, drivers and companies alike still have some major challenges to deal with and struggle with to stay afloat. As the pandemic eases up and more companies are getting back to their normal operating levels, it is now easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

More and more trucking companies are able to take on more loads and offer their drivers additional opportunities to make money. This enables drivers to make a living, helping them to support their families and overcome the supply chain issues that have been ever-present for the past few years.