Benefits of Regular Truck Alignment Service


Keeping your truck properly aligned is an important part of regular maintenance.  Proper alignment plays a key role in several areas: vehicle stability, steering, handling, overall performance and more.  There are also a number of advantages that come with regular truck alignment service that will extend the life of your vehicle and save you money in the long run.

Better for your tires – Having your truck properly aligned creates more even wear on your tears.  Tires with uneven wear have to be replaced sooner, so an alignment can help increase the mileage on your tires and extend their longevity.

Increase fuel economy – An alignment can also enhance your truck’s fuel economy.  With a properly aligned vehicle, there are no lateral forces working against one another, which makes your truck work harder, thus decreasing fuel efficiency.

Better for individual parts – Your truck is an intricate system, with the chassis as the base for all the other parts.  This includes all the wheels, axles, and suspension. If just one piece is out of alignment, it throws everything off, weakening individual parts and the truck as a whole.  Over time, this will lead to part failure and, ultimately, a truck that will not function properly.

Safety and comfort – With a proper alignment, all of your truck’s parts are working in conjunction with one another. This leads to increased safety on the road, as there is less risk for malfunction.  Driver comfort and handling is also enhanced, as your truck will run more smoothly and efficiently.

Reduced future repairs – Alignment is considered preventative maintenance because it does just that – prevents other, bigger problems from occurring.  Improperly aligned trucks can lead to larger problems, including part malfunction or worse.  These can be costly and time-consuming to repair, whereas regular alignment service can be done relatively quickly and with minimal cost.

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