Preparing Your Truck for Summer Hauls


When most people think about weather and how it can impact their driving, they are thinking of winter events, such as snow and ice.  However, summer comes with its own share of climate-related issues that shouldn’t be ignored.  As temperatures increase, there are a few steps you should be taking to prepare your truck and keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Tire Pressure

Tires should always be properly inflated, no matter what time of year it is. However, the increased heat during summer months can lead to explosive conditions for tires that are under or overinflated.  The heat created from moving tires combined with already hot atmospheric conditions can increase the risk of blown tires, so be sure that your tire pressure is where it should be.

Air Conditioning

No one wants to embark on a long haul with a malfunctioning AC.  Before you head out, check your truck’s air conditioning system for leaks or cracked valves or hoses.  If anything looks amiss, have a truck repair technician take a look – you’ll be glad you did when the mercury starts to creep up.


Hot weather can wreak havoc on a truck’s battery, especially if it’s already weak. Unfortunately, this isn’t an area many people think to check over, as cold weather is the usual culprit for battery-related issues.  Make sure your battery can take a full charge and the electrolyte levels are good, and go ahead and clean the terminal and wire ends while you’re at it.

Coolant and Hoses

Ensuring your antifreeze and coolant are at proper levels can mean the difference between breakdown and a smooth haul.  Summer driving can put added demands on the coolant system, so check over your coolant levels and makes sure the hoses are in good condition as well.

Windshield Care

Summer thunderstorms can pop up at a moment’s notice, so you will want to ensure your wipers are in good condition too. If they’re cracking or not making proper contact with the windshield, it is probably time to replace them. Windshield washer fluid should also be checked and filled before starting a trip.

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