Brake Repair: Signs that it may be Time for Brake Work

For obvious reasons, properly performing brakes are a must when you’re driving a truck or pulling a trailer.  Not only do they ensure your safety and that of the people around you, they also help keep your car in good shape overall.  Malfunctioning brakes can lead to damage to other parts of your car, not to mention the extreme safety hazards involved.  Watch for these signs that it may be time for brake repair.


If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side when you brake, it could be a sign of trouble.  The pulling may be caused by uneven wear on your brake pads, which causes one side to grab faster and results in the pulling sensation.  Uneven wear is not good for your brake system, so you’ll want to get that checked out.


When you slow your truck, you shouldn’t hear anything at all. However, if you’re hearing a grinding noise, or even a screeching sound, it could mean there is a brake issue going on.  This is often a sign that your brake pads have worn down and exposed the metal frame. This frame then rubs against the brake system’s rotors or drums, resulting in the unusual sound.


Vibrations may also be a sign that your brakes need serviced. If your truck starts vibrating any time you brake, it could be due to a damaged or warped rotor or drum.

Pedal Problems

Another good indicator of brake issues is a pedal that sinks to the floorboard.  A change in how hard you have to press on the brakes to come to a stop could mean a number of things.  It may be due to worn brake pads, or it may be caused by air in the brake lines.  It could also be caused by leaking brake fluid, in which case you need to have your truck serviced immediately.

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