Choosing the Right Motor Oil for Your Truck

Everyone knows how important regular oil changes are, but choosing the right type of oil for your truck is just as vital.  If you put the wrong motor oil type in your truck, you’re setting yourself up for problems later on, ranging from minor issues to major ones, such as total engine rebuilds.  Here are some common questions about oil types and how to make the right selection.

What factors should I consider when choosing oil?

There are several factors to think about when selecting truck oil.  You need to consider what type of engine your truck has, as well as operating conditions and environmental factors.  Speed, load weight, driving cycles and temperature all factor into what kind of oil to get.  You’ll also want to choose an oil with the proper weight and viscosity for your truck. Your owner’s manual will have this information.

Are additives necessary?

Many different additives are available as well, each claiming to enhance your oil’s performance and better protect your engine.  However, these aren’t usually what they seem.  If you’re using the right oil for your truck, additives aren’t necessary, and they can actually harm your vehicle. Using additives can upset the balance of your oil’s ingredients and may even void the warranty from the oil maker.

What standards should truck oil meet?

Your truck’s oil should also meet several standards, including those issued by the American Petroleum Institute. The Society of Automotive Engineers recommends viscosity grades for vehicles, and your oil should meet those expectations. Finally, the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee recommends oil performance levels, which should be specified in your truck’s owner’s manual. Whatever oil you choose, each of these criteria should be met.

So how do I choose the right kind?

When choosing your oil, the first thing to do is refer to the owner’s manual and see what the recommendations are.  After that, consider the factors listed above (i.e., operating and environmental conditions) to find the optimal oil for your truck.  Make sure that the standards listed above are met as well, which should be stated clearly on the oil packaging.

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