Finding a Reliable Repair and Service Shop for Your Truck


Owning a truck, or trucks, used for commercial purposes is a big responsibility.  Not only is it a substantial initial investment, there are the ongoing associated costs of owning commercial vehicles. One of these, of course, is having regular maintenance performed, as well as repairs when the need arises.  The key to saving yourself undue stress and in keeping these necessary costs down is to find a reliable service shop that you trust.


Why It Matters

Your service shop plays a huge role in your business, whether you realize it or not.  Choosing a bad shop can cost you thousands in unnecessary repair and maintenance fees, and it can also shorten the longevity of your vehicle.  On the other hand, a reliable shop experienced in working with commercial trucks will be able to pinpoint any problems with your vehicles, fixing them accurately and quickly and ultimately saving you money.  Having the right repairs and maintenance performed and done in a timely manner can also lengthen your truck’s lifespan.



When looking for a reliable shop to service your commercial vehicles, start by asking around.  Talk to colleagues, friends or family members who you trust.  References are a great way to short-list a few shops so you can research them further.  You can even ask the shops you are considering to provide their own references.


Online Reviews and Other Info

The internet is another good starting-off point.  Online reviews can provide a great deal of insight about a particular service shop, and they can clue you into the bad ones.  You can also turn to the internet to learn whether or not the shops you’ve gotten referrals for are even a good match for your vehicles.  You want someone who specializes in commercial trucks, rather than mechanics who spend most of their time working on regular vehicles.  Check the shop’s website to find this out, as well as other important information about the services they offer.


Certifications and Awards

Finally, ask about certification and awards received.  If this information isn’t displayed on their website, don’t be shy about asking the shop owner or manager about them. Certifications will tell you that the shop in question has the knowledge and skills to perform specific types of work, and awards are proof of past jobs well done.

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