How Summer Heat Affects Your Truck

The dog days of summer are no joke, and the sun beating down on you every day is no fun.  The relentless heat and hot roads can also wreak havoc on your truck if you’re not careful, causing a number of issues that can range from mildly irritating to seriously devastating.  Read on to learn how the heat can affect your vehicle, and what you can do to protect it.


Commercial trucks always run the risk of suffering a tire blowout, but the danger is even greater during the warm summer months. The hot weather combined with the scorching temperatures of the road surface increase the chances of blowouts dramatically.  To help avoid these potentially dangerous situations, be sure to check your tires frequently for cracks, bulges, or other signs of damage.  Use a pressure gauge to check the air pressure as well to ensure tires are properly inflated, as over- or under-inflated tires are at higher risk for blowouts.


Coolant works just like it sounds – it keeps your engine cool during the hot summer weather.  Coolant circulates through the larger cooling system, dispersing heat from the engine and keeping the internal temperature down.  If your coolant levels aren’t where they should be, however, it can’t do its job and your engine may overheat.  Low coolant could mean a leak somewhere, so check for worn hoses or damage to the radiator to make sure there are no leaks.


You already know how important it is to keep the proper level of oil in your truck, but this can be even more important during the summer.  Hot weather means hotter engines, which also means your engine needs plenty of lubrication to ensure it’s functioning properly. Check your oil level regularly, and be sure to stay on top of scheduled oil changes.

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