Keeping Your Truck Fuel Efficient

These days, we hear a lot about the carbon footprint and how to reduce it.  Some cars can run from corn, others, electricity.  Our natural resources are depleting and people are fighting everyone to either gather more up for their own country or to stave off more damage to the environment.  Diesel truck fuel, like anything, has both pros and cons in relation to the environment.  It emits much less carbon dioxide (which contributes to global warming) than gasoline does, but it also can produce smog and acid rain.  When we think about fuel “efficiency,” we can think both about price and environment.

One way to make fuel use more efficient is to try using an eco powered wind system– flaps that go around the truck to save energy for the vehicle powering through the air.  The designers of these flaps understand aerodynamics and how to create less resistance to a truck’s movement while driving. Such flaps reduce cost while increasing performance.  On average, if a truck uses 20,000 gallons of diesel per year, eco-flaps can save about 700 of those gallons, emitting less noxious elements into the air and saving money.

There are several benefits to eco-flaps for not only the vehicle itself but also other vehicles around the truck, and overall safety.  Eco-flaps are made of high-impact nylon which increase the vehicle’s ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage and decrease drag. They also make your truck more visible to other drivers while reducing road spray– something others will appreciate.

As global warming continues to become more and more of a problem, any way to be more conscious about our role in the environment becomes increasingly necessary.  As solutions are sought on global and international levels, there are ways to try to create our own efficiencies in the meantime.

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