What’s that Sound? Your Tires


Trucks make lots of different noises, and you’re probably familiar with how yours sounds when it’s running properly.  It’s those unusual noises, though, that can make you go, “Huh? What was that?”  Unfortunately, when you have to ask yourself that question, it often means there is an issue with your vehicle. Here are some of the most common noises and their possible causes.

Thump, thump, thump – A thumping sound is almost never a good thing, and one associated with your truck is no exception. Thumping noises coming from your tires are a good indicator that you have a flat tire, which you might also be able to feel.   Another situation that can result in thumping is a flat spot on your tire, which isn’t necessarily an urgent situation, but it should be corrected.

Hissing sound under the hood – If you’re noticing this noise while the engine is idling, it could mean you have a vacuum leak.  You may notice your check engine light come on and that your vehicle is idling poorly.

Loud thunking sounds from the front of the truck – If you notice this noise when turning corners, it might mean that one of your CV joints is loose.  This is something that will need to be addressed quickly, because if the joint fails completely, your vehicle will not be able to operate.

Grumbling sounds from the front end – These sounds while you’re idling could be an indication of bad water pump bearings that are nearing complete failure. Don’t wait until this happens. When it does, the fan will move forward and cut into your radiator and cause it to leak.

Front end clunks – This might be associated with your ball joint connecting your upright and suspension.   If this is the case, you may first notice this when parking, and later, when driving over small bumps.  Get this fixed as soon as you can before further damage is done.

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