Trailer Accessories: Which Ones are Worth It?


So you’ve just bought a trailer – congratulations!  Don’t start celebrating by loading up some cargo and driving off into the sunset just yet though. There are still some accessories that you should consider adding beforehand.  Some of these are crucial for safety and the longevity of your vehicle and trailer, while others are designed simply to make your life easier. Here are some of the top trailer accessories to consider adding:

Lights – While most trailers are already equipped with lights, there are some that aren’t. If yours isn’t, you should strongly considering adding them for safety.  Reflectors alone aren’t enough to ensure safety.  If you have an enclosed trailer, you should also consider inside lights. While these won’t have an impact on safety, it will be a lot easier to rely on those rather than having to use a flashlight if you’re in there at night.

Locks – There are so many stories out there about trailer theft.  Don’t become a victim – invest in some locks to prevent your trailer and/or cargo from being stolen.

Spare tire – This may not be considered an accessory, per se, but it’s still worth mentioning. While it’s common sense to have a spare tire for your vehicle, not everyone thinks about having a spare for your trailer.  But guess what? A flat trailer tire will stop your haul just as quickly as a flat vehicle tire will.  Make sure you have a spare on board.

Tongue jack – This can really save your back if you have a heavy trailer.  Most of these are also equipped with a wheel, so you can move your trailer around easily without a vehicle.

Good quality straps – Don’t skimp on these.  You need to be able to secure your cargo, and high quality straps are the way to do it.  For added ease of use, look for retractable straps.

Wheel chocks – Using wheel chocks when your trailer isn’t in use will help keep it in place.  Look for a set that are made of heavy-duty rubber, and avoid the cheap plastic ones.

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